Press Kit

Company Overview

Dollar Lean Club is a monthly subscription for getting and keeping people in shape with custom meal plans, workout programs and live training via SMS.

New members set their goal weight and a time frame to achieve this during registration. Once registered, their BMI is calculated and they are assigned an appropriate meal plan and workout program created by a certified personal trainer.

There are three tiers for membership:

  • The first, “Standard” is $1/mo. for only the workout programs.
  • The second, “Advanced” is $6/mo. and comes with both the workout programs and meal plans.
  • The final tier, “Committed” is $9/mo. and also comes with access to a real live personal trainer via text messaging, around the clock.

Users join and use the service either by going on our website or with our mobile applications soon to be available on the Apple App store and Google Play Store.

Our Short-term goals

include the release of the mobile applications, and the following features:

  • Daily calorie calculator
  • Periodical recipes
  • Allowing users to modify their meals
  • Workout videos
  • National growth

Long-term goals:

  • Integrating data from wearables/trackers (Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, etc…)
  • Integrating data from other services (Apple Healthkit, MyFitnessPal, etc…)
  • International growth