Dollar Lean Club

Dollar Lean Club

Your monthly membership for real
body transformations, starting at $1/Mo.

  • Workout Programs
  • Custom Meal Plans
  • Virtual Trainer (sms)

Custom Workout Plans

Customized to your strength, flexibility, and stamina goals.

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Access from your PC, Laptop, Tablet, or phone. Anywhere.

About The Club

Dollar Lean Club  was created by a software developer who is also a competitive bodybuilder, and a Certified Personal Trainer who is also a Registered Nurse, and bodybuilder. For over two years, the two founders operated a local boot-camp and with Dollar Lean Club, have decided to increase the reach of their efforts.

Members turn their fitness goals into a sustainable lifestyle with the only 3 essential elements required for results that last:

  • A healthy diet  |  
  • Exercise  |  
  • Consistency

Join and get your first workout program today, membership starts at $1/mo.

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I didn't know I needed something like this until I found out about it. I need this, I need need this.

Andrian PorterMember

Amazing idea. I'm still surprised this wasn't done before. Everybody should join.


This is genius—workout plan, meal plan, and a virtual trainer for under $10 a month?! It doesn't get any better.


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